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You have gotten each of your special day invitation cards signed, sealed, and ready to be sent out to the concluding terminus in one attractive little piece, along with the expectation of receiving appropriate wedding wishes — that’s the expectation, at least! After consuming a few months working on your writing materials, you most likely feel as if you know the whole thing there is to learn about those paper materials. But before you head out to the post office to send out your invitation cards, there are a few main things you should think about that may have never traversed through your mind. So, without any more delay, down below are five things to do to make the best of your posting.

  1. Collect Your Invitations

Give yourself sufficient time to address and seal all those envelopes. Your organizer can manage this job for you, or your stationery may do it for an additional payment. But if you (and maybe your generous wedding party) have taken responsibility for the job, here are a few recommendations:

  • The invitation goes on the foot end and then piles up your inserts on top in order of biggest to smallest (the smallest goes on the beginning or top of the pile).
  • The RSVP card should be inserted into the flap of the response envelope (so the flap shields portion of the script).
  • Put everything in the inner envelope so the script is facing externally—in this technique, guests can read the invite as they take it out.
  • Place the opened internal envelope inside the outer envelope with the invitees’ names facing externally.
  • Tissue paper enclosures aren’t just for looking good

While putting tissue paper between the coatings of your writing materials collection can raise your charges, it also helps avoid the ink from smearing. If you opted to make use of a darker color ink on your invitation cards or you went with thermography, your cards could rub together as they pass through the mail. If it is not too late, include a little bit of tissue paper to make certain your beautiful paper reaches in immaculate form.

  • Never lick the bonding agent to close your envelopes

To prevent from having one of your valuable invitations open on the way, strengthen the shutting technique on your envelopes by means of adhesive or some other super heavy-duty glue. Licking is not only tough on your mouth (the tang! paper cuts!), it also does not promise the package will reach in one piece. For an attractive touch, include a sticker or piece of washi tape, but do not depend on these things as the principal closing technique. They can fall off or catch on other articles during the course of the delivery.

  • Square invitations call for more postage fee

Because of the non-standard shape, square envelopes have need of more postage fee to mail. While this is not a massive economic difference (about 20 cents for each card, conditional on the size) you can with no trouble cut a couple of additional dollars by deciding on for a regular ol’ rectangular envelope. If you are eyeing for other means to save on your invites, go for an RSVP postcard rather than a traditional mail-in reply card, as the price of a postcard stamp is less of an ordinary stamp.

  • Request the post office to hand cancel your stamps

 Instead of allowing the post office run the invitations by means of a machine-ran categorization system (which marks the envelope with dense lines in the top right corner and may harm the envelope in the course), request them to “hand cancel” your invites. This means that they will use a different ink stamp to mark your invite, and they will categorize it by hand, decreasing the danger of the mutilation. While some post offices decline to do this, most are bendable if you pop in during a slow time.

After all the tough work, you would want to make certain your invites reach the required destination in the best possible form – not damaged, twisted, or marked up by high-speed cataloging equipment.

The best method to guard your invitations from equipment is to appeal to the post office that the invitations be hand canceled at the post office. This means that instead of being violently run through and stamped (canceled) by a contraption, they will be stamped by hand.

Hand canceling is a pretty communal exercise for official invitations. It is something your local post office branch will be acquainted with and should have no problem doing for you; but be ready, in some instances, you may be requested to hand cancel your own invitations – well worth the extra 20-30 minutes this may take you.

Happy mailing!

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