5 Wedding Planning Tips By Vip Craft Studio
5 Wedding Planning Tips

After that ever romantic and teary wedding proposal and all the mixed emotions you used to feel with that fulfilling question that has turned your fairytale story into reality, and before you see yourself walking down the aisle with your perfect white wedding gown while holding your favorite fresh and aromatic flower, slowly getting closer to the man of your dreams and exchanges of vows. Planning your wedding will be your very first concern before having a happily ever after story.  We have prepared 5 wedding planning tips to help you get it easily.

Indeed, planning your own wedding comes with stressful scenarios and though you have already decided the date and the venue, the process does not stop there. But, if you are going to follow these 5 tips in planning your wedding, stress will turn to success.

  • Create a timeline. Timeline plays an important role in planning your wedding for it serves as your guide for the whole process. It will help you on how you are going to execute your plans within a specific time. It is necessary for you to create a realistic timeline which will perfectly fit your schedule for you not to ruin any detail in your plan. You also have to provide yourself with an important checklist on your timeline including what to do and when to do them in order for you to have a smooth process. We have prepared a free checklist to you here.
  • Set your budget. Yes, weddings can be quite expensive if you do not know how to budget your money. So, it is important for you to work with a budget that can accommodate all your wedding requirements. You can start with the details with the highest cost up to the detail that requires the least amount of money in order for you to divide your budget accordingly. You need to be firm with your budget to avoid overspending and only include the must-haves though you can include additional items if the budget is still flexible.
  • Hire vendors. When choosing vendors, asking for references will help you in deciding which one can best suit your needs. Be smart in deciding to contact a flower shop, food and beverage caterer, wedding dress boutique, photo booth shop or lighting or décor for you to have the items that will complete your wedding.
  • Expect challenges. Always anticipate challenges or conflicts as your wedding gets closer. Even a professional wedding planner faces various problems in planning a wedding. Therefore, never expect that all of the details will be always perfect. If you learn to expect some challenges, you will be able to prepare yourself if the real one comes along. By doing so, you would already have a possible solution for it to be fixed earlier before further conflicts follow.
  • Stay positive. Never let stress overrule your plans. You have to stay positive all the time so that your much-awaited wedding will be successful and become one of the unforgettable moments of your life. Planning your wedding could be really stressful but it will give you a fulfilling and overwhelming feeling when everything goes well with your plan.

Enjoy every moment as your wedding gets closer and as all your dreamy thoughts are only just a few nights of sleep away. If you encounter some problems, always remember the reason why you are doing it right from the start, which is to marry the most important person in your life.