Free Wedding Planning Checklist Vip Craft Studio
Free Wedding Planning Checklist
Checklist Vip Craft Studio (946 downloads)

Planning your wedding whether two years or two months in advance can be stressful.  You have to think about, Invitations, RSVP, Save the dates, dinner menus, favors, gifts, decoration, venue and a lot of more.
If you are like us, who like to make lists and organize things to keep in mind everything is going to be successful, then our Free Wedding Planning Checklist is for you. To plan the perfect celebration, use this comprehensive wedding checklist, with a timeline based on the 12-month.

If you’re looking to planning your wedding you’re not alone! Many brides are doing it, whether it be for budget reasons or just their natural love to have hands on it. But, as any experienced bride-to-be and professional planner will tell you, it is not easy,  it’s a whole lot of work. With endless amounts of decisions, looming deadlines, budgets to manage, and miles-long to-do lists to tend to, planning your own wedding is no simple feat. So where should you begin if you’re the planner, the executor, and the bride? Right here. This Free Wedding planning checklist will help you to organize the most important things you can’t forget.

This checklist is a general countdown of all the main things you need to do and it keeps you organized (and sane!). Your wedding planning checklist guides you through your entire planning journey to bring your celebration to life.

Wedding planning can be a bit of a headache; coordinating all the different bits and pieces, so we created a full task list of all the usual things you will need to do.
The list is a basic timeline based on a 12-month engagement and planning time, running through the typical times you would research and book different elements.

We know that each wedding is different, and there are some brides that had organized the wedding in just 8 weeks or brides who have taken 2 years.
But this planning checklist is based on general rules that are helpful and will give you an idea and help you to get things organized in a simple way.

So here’s our Free Wedding Planning Checklist  

Checklist Vip Craft Studio (946 downloads)