7 Tips to a cheaper Wedding
7 Tips to a cheaper Wedding

The wedding is the most essential and memorable event in your life. There are lots of preset ideas and expectations about this very special event. It makes the couple feel both stressed and excited about the wedding planning tasks, fulfilling their expectation within the budget chosen by them. The wedding is very expensive and so it is very much important to take up cheap wedding ideas that will help the couple plan for their wedding as for their expectation and also within the budget. These tips to a cheaper Wedding will help you to plan your perfect day saving some money. Take a look at some  ideas to get a cheaper Wedding:

  • If you have an extra time, there’s no need for getting the service of a wedding planner because all the activities could be done through by you with a help from friends and family.
    A checklist will help you to organize everything you have to know and to do in your wedding, which saves time and money. It also will assist you in monitoring the activities in an organized manner without forgetting any valuable tasks.
  • Use a private home instead of a big venue. If you have a small guest’s list you should consider to planning a wedding at home. It cuts down on facility costs you’d normally pay at a public venue. Another bonus for choosing a private space for your wedding is fewer restrictions on hiring the vendors of your choice (which could save you thousands in catering costs) and decorating the venue the way you’d like.
  • A little help from friends can cut a lot of expenses. You can ask some closer friends to help with favors, gifts, showers, some decorations and if you have a friend that is good at makeup why not ask her to do your makeup for the big day??  Don’t forget to schedule a few test runs before your wedding day, take photos of all the looks and jot down the colors and tools used to create your look. 
  • Cut down the list. Your wedding is a very special event that should be shared with your loved ones and those closest to you. You can also opt for reducing the number of guests. Don’t worry about inviting your manicurist or the nice couple down the street if it means stretching your budget to the max. Keeping your ceremony and reception intimate will free up essentials funds to spend in other places. 
  • Food and beverage is a huge line item on most wedding budgets. Limiting the bar to wine and beer only or simply offering a signature wedding essentials cocktail will drastically reduce your beverage tab. 
  • Research and look for information about the deals and discounts. There are lots of stores providing great deals for the wedding accessories like veils, shoes, wedding favors, cakes, dresses, and centerpieces, etc.  You can find out the best offers if you take time. 
  • Visit as many Wedding Expo as you can. There are a lot of vendors with the best deals in the same place, you can see and compare prices in the same time. And they usually have good deals for the day of the expo.These cheap wedding ideas mentioned above will help you to plan your wedding on a limited budget. It will also help to reduce the extra costs that later on could be utilized for either going for a honeymoon or starting a newly married life. It will aid you to relax and plan out the wedding as you have always wanted for.

    Plan and research in advance and get an Amazing Wedding Day!!!!