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Tips to be a Good Bridesmaid

You probably are a close friend of the beautiful bride so you think to be a good bridesmaid must be easy right? However, you will be surprised as to how many women on bridal parties frequently missed the mark. Whacked out priorities and careless moments and perspectives can surely mess with the bride’s head o can darken a special and joyous moment otherwise. In fact, many also wind up making the wedding of their friends about themselves and failing to support the bride on all her needs. So pay attention to this tips to be a good bridesmaid and do your best:

  • Make sure to be a good helper

As a bridesmaid, it is your responsibility to support and help the bride in every way possible. You also have to make sure that she will enjoy the moment and have the best possible experience all throughout her wedding celebration. There are a lot of stuff to decide and make, invitations, favors, decoration, flowers, stay by her said to help make all these decisions easily.

  • Provide Emotional and Moral Support

Since you are a bridesmaid, consider yourself as a moral supporter and psychological security blanket for the bride.  Take time to reflect on what the bride says before voicing out your opinion. Empathize with the bride’s views and provide thoughtful feedbacks whenever you’re asked for inputs. Keep in mind that moral and emotional reinforcement is vital. There are lots of things going on the bride’s mind and numerous stress points. Be her rock by means of staying upbeat, patient and calm.

  • Wear Your Bridesmaid Dress Cheerfully

In an event that the bride will ask your comments about choosing dresses for bridesmaids feel free to common on particular things like fabric, color, pattern, hemline length, price and more. Rather than saying that you despise or adore the dress without actually explaining why constructively, it would be best to frame your feedbacks in a manner that is based on objective factors such as affordability, dress availability, how flattering the dress to your curves or figures and more. Ask the bride how she really feels about the thoughts you shared.  But whatever the bride’s decision respect it and accept it. When it comes to the bridesmaid dress, wear it cheerfully.

  • Handle Grunt Works

Being a bridesmaid is truly an honor and an important work as well. To be a good bridesmaid, you need to search for hand on and practical ways to render acts of good service.  If the guests are left standing, find extra chairs for them and have them properly situated, introduce guests to one another, keep the glasses of the bride and groom full, take photos and more. Even if the wedding celebration is over, you need to help the bride.

  • Be a Good Listener

To be a good bridesmaid, you need to be a good listener. This simply means that you need to pay close attention to what the bride needs to say or what she wants regarding the different aspects of her wedding. Nail this one and you will surely be a great bridesmaid.

These are just a few of the many tips to be a good bridesmaid. Other helpful tips include preparing for the worst, remembering that the event is not about you, always lending a helping hand, being patient and more.