Wedding Etiquettes by Vip Craft Studio

Wedding Etiquettes

Getting ready for the big moment of two people deeply in love is not a simple task. It must be in accordance with what is right and suitable. Wedding etiquettes are a must when you want your wedding, to be perfect and with good memoirs to be imprinted on every heart of the guests present. We would like to share some of these etiquettes with you!!!

Wedding etiquette #1- Do no destruction or harm

This means you always have to consider the feeling of your visitors most essentially your family members and your friends. This wedding etiquette rules will indeed be manifesting its own all through the whole wedding ceremony. Amongst the things you might think about is sending them appreciation letters for the wedding presents or gifts you have received. Another is that if you and your husband-to-be decide about the groomsmen and bridesmaid, you require having it according to the friendship and trust and not because of their looks as well as how much they could assist with regards to a monetary aspect. Imagine how you’ll hurt the feelings of your best friend when you do not take account of him/her on the wedding entourage.

Wedding etiquette #2- Allow your visitors to know that they don’t need to bring cash to the wedding reception

This means your guests shouldn’t bring any cash with them on the wedding reception. You have to remember that you are the host and you are obliged to pay for the foods and refreshment of your visitors. This rule must also be considered with other small expenses that might arise. You’re the one who is accountable for shouldering the tips, paying clean parking and instituting no tipping rule at the bar. Therefore, make it clear, your visitors should be capable of attending the wedding reception without any cash in their wallets and must be given a happy and good time. You might be worrying that you’ll not get any wedding gifts. You see, when your visitors are conscious about the right wedding etiquette, they certainly know that wedding presents should be sent to your house, and not on the wedding reception.

Wedding etiquette #3- Show your guests that you don’t expect anything

Your invitation is supposed to let the guests know how much you want them to be by your side on your wedding day. There should not be any mention of an expectation for a gift. It may sound old fashioned, the best way to loop everyone in on your registry would be talking to them and via a wedding website — which is totally okay to include on your invites. Be sure to list the URL so guests can head there to get all sorts of additional wedding info — location details, directions, attire suggestions, and, of course, your registry. Also, make sure that those closest to you (your parents, his parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen) have your registry details handy because they would receive phone calls and emails from guests with questions about what to get you.

 Wedding etiquette #4- Don’t let guests wait too long.

Do not be late to arrive at your wedding, guests don’t like to be waiting so long. They can start to be impatient and starve and you want your guests to be happy and in a good mood on your wedding day.
Although some can think it is a tendency to be late in your day, it is disrespectful with those who are waiting for. Also If your ceremony and reception are at different venues, do your best to minimize the in-between time.

 Wedding etiquette #5- Show your gratitude.

One of the most amazing sentiments is the gratitude. You certainly will be thankful for those who will be at your wedding, for the presents you are going to have and for all the love and happy they will share with you on your big day. So don’t forget to show your gratitude through thank you cards and wedding favors for guests, thank you cards for parents and maid of honor,  and gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and maid of honor. 

Showing gratitude, love and most of all, proper wedding etiquette will without a doubt leave your visitors with a remarkable impression about you and your future husband.  You always have to keep these wedding etiquettes in mind as it will help you become your wedding celebration memorable and well organized.